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Attendee interest in the subject matter of your business event is of course the primary reason they show up. The schedule and format of how that subject matter is presented is a key difference maker between successful, mediocre and bad events. Keynote speakers, session styles, networking opportunities and meals/refreshments all need to be optimally programmed for your attendees to maximize their event experience. In addition to producing innovative and highly effective breakouts, Continental Events has decades of expertise in securing and managing the logistics for high profile keynote speakers. We will create the ideal agenda for your business event with the objective of delivering meaningful attendee value.

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The ACG Florida Conference offers ACG’s
(Association for Corporate Growth)
signature benefits, including cutting-edge thinking from a

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA USA- Forrester International Consultants (FIC) today announced they have partnered with the business event & trade show...


Do you have a business, group affiliation or hobby that could translate into an event with others that share interest in the same subject matter?