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Corporate Events

Enterprises today have entire departments dedicated to the planning and execution of all types of customer facing events. Effectively creating and executing annual show calendars has become a critical component of marketing communications requiring extraordinary resources to operate. More and more CMOs have determined that outsourcing some or all of their event operations enables internal event stakeholders to focus on maximizing their in person time with customers and prospects.

The Continental Events team is your snap on event operations department.  We are a seamless extension to any corporate marketing group for a fraction of the cost and risk of full time hires.  In addition to our tradition deliverables, Continental Events effectively fulfills these action items for your company:

  • Current event calendar review and recommendations
  • New event and sponsorship opportunity evaluation
  • Exhibit logistics, freight and drayage
  • New exhibit design and construction
  • Booth traffic strategies
  • Lead quality/quantity enhancement
  • Booth staff coaching and event day support

Continental Events wants to talk about joining your MarCom department. Please connect with us for a complementary assessment of your corporate event strategies.

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