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The success or failure of any event is heavily weighted on the attendee turnout. Ensuring that an adequate number of folks show up to engage with other participants is the catalyst of post event satisfaction rankings. This scenario is even more enhanced when the participants expecting a captive audience are paid sponsors and exhibitors. Their overall contentment will be determined on whether they had meaningful dialogue with the proper amount of qualified individuals. Continental Events specializes in all types of attendee acquisition strategies that are designed and executed custom to every event. If your conference, trade show or other event type is in danger of not meeting attendance goals, please connect with us to learn more about our proven attendee acquisition methods.


On time and on budget, the perfect circumstances for any event organizer. Proper budget creation and management is essential in all phases of event production from the commencement of the project to the days and weeks thereafter. Financial awareness and transparency is a necessary discipline to avoid surprises and shortfalls come check writing time. Predicated on your event requirements, Continental Events guides you in crafting a custom budget based on our knowledge of venue, contractor, marketing, transportation and all other line items. Once effective, the Continental Events team can provide guidance on how to execute planning details within budget and make adjustments accordingly.


Do you have a business or hobby that could translate into an event with folks that share the same interest? Take it beyond the idea phase and determine the feasibility with the assistance of industry professionals. If you are wondering if your idea for a social, business or other new event idea has legitimate potential, connect with Continental Events for a new event concept consultation.


Is your conference, trade show or business event in distress and in danger of halting operations? Perhaps the concept is feasible but requires a fresh outlook from event management professionals. Continental Events is able to thoroughly evaluate all components of your event ultimately providing the analysis and resources necessary for revival. From general consultation to an entire reorganization, Continental Events can proactively troubleshoot your event and determine the best go forward strategy.

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The ACG Florida Conference offers ACG’s
(Association for Corporate Growth)
signature benefits, including cutting-edge thinking from a

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Do you have a business, group affiliation or hobby that could translate into an event with others that share interest in the same subject matter?