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Sponsor Acquisition - Exhibitor Sales

Sponsor & Exhibit sales is perhaps the ugliest part of business event planning activities. It is frustrating, tedious and most the time uncomfortable. Continental Events has decades of expertise in building meaningful sales kits with compelling value propositions. Then we skillfully present them to prospects and ultimately close the deal. Once subscribed, Continental Events proactively works with the new sponsor/exhibitor to fulfill each line item benefit in a timely and efficient manner. Considerations for an effective sponsorship & exhibit sales campaign are:

  • Aligning value proposition of event and prospects
  • Demonstrate path to ROI
  • Approach as a partnership opportunity, not ad sales
  • Present in a consultative manner
  • Earn the subscribers trust

The least desirable component of business event planning but for sure the most important. Please connect with Continental Events to discuss your sponsorship and exhibit sales challenges today.

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signature benefits, including cutting-edge thinking from a

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