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Media today comes in all shapes, sizes and formats. The one common thread among blogs, newspapers and radio for example is captive audience. Without question a live event is the most effective way to firm up loyalty, personalize/strengthen your message and most importantly monetize the opportunity. Sponsor & exhibitor acquisition, attendee registration fees, pay per view content and other revenue generating mechanisms are successfully applied by Continental Events to maximize your media outlets earning power. As a publisher you are an expert in your respective field and subject matter. A partnership with Continental Events aligns you with equal expertise in the planning and execution of a profitable live event program custom tailored to your content and subscribers.

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The ACG Florida Conference offers ACG’s
(Association for Corporate Growth)
signature benefits, including cutting-edge thinking from a

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA USA- Forrester International Consultants (FIC) today announced they have partnered with the business event & trade show...


Do you have a business, group affiliation or hobby that could translate into an event with others that share interest in the same subject matter?